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applications plastic and composite material


   SetecsLAB : design and production finished products

realizzazione manufatti plastici

Design and production of plastic, peek, PTFE , PVC and carbon products

SetecsLab is a team of people within Setecs Engineering born with one goal: in-depth study of your issues and your projects , to find the ideal solution for their implementation.

We can take the hand of your idea and turn it into reality, avoiding the clash between the origin of a product design with the availability of existing data, avoiding unnecessary delay and subsequent cost increases.

In contrast, more complex cases in which a number of factors including temperature , chemical attack , abrasion, friction , or even when the size of the piece to produce are different compared to the standard format of the raw material and the semi-finished products existing on the market till that moment, we are able to create a customized product , complying the customer's demands.

SetecsLab News: the support platforms with high safety factor, specifically designed to be more visible during the work, especially if used on a muddy ground, thus decreasing the risk of accidents at construction sites.

Even the shape and thickness of the platform are adaptable to every request by the client.

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The latest study carried out by Setecs Lab in the extrusion of plastics is born of the concrete and real problems encountered by one of our customer about a plastics machining operations on bars.

Setecs Lab has identified the two suitable materials , proposing a solution with the PVDF and PEEK, both high-performance materials.

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The skills and professionalism of Setecslab have also made possible the development of significant and important customers, an example of which is the Politecnico di Milano, certainly relevant reality in the Italian design and supporter of our business..

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