PTFE PTFE plates Peek machined Nylon semi-finished - Composite materials Pvc, Polyurethane , Polyethylene and Polypropylene PP PE manufactured products

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applications plastic and composite material


   Application sectors and fields

Machining products in plastic material for any industrial, chemical and mechanical sector

Peek machined - Teflon PTFE sheets- Products made of composite materials Nylon semi-finished products - semi-finished parts made of POM PET - PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene, polypropylene PP and PE manufactured products.
Increasingly present in high-tech sectors , thanks to the success of our products that make effective the application for which they were designed.

For this sector we can realize components such as impellers, pedals, tips, guides, sump pumps, even in very small series. ... »
We provide solutions for the problems of sliding, wear, and temperature, reduction on the automatic machines of the various ... »
Our materials with antistatic properties and our processes devoid of cooling liquids are used where particular problems ... »
In the OIL & GAS sector our plastic materials are widely used that must withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion. ... »
In these sectors we can realize objects (pivots, bearings, optical goniometers etc.) in order to make them always applicable, ... »
We are able to provide complex objects like: paper-blowers, sample components for rotary machines or even the mere realization ... »
We have the potential to provide an important support thanks to our wide experience in the manufacture of plastics and composites. ... »
We solve the problems of the conversion of obsolete materials (such as bars, neon tubes and other materials that when subjected ... »
Even when problems occur that have to do with the low temperatures, we can provide support with specific plastic materials ... »
We build objects for scientific laboratories and other realities specialized in the research, with sterilized materials ... »
We manufacture components such as carter guides and seals for racing motorbikes, even in small series, allowing the optimization ... »
Possible realization of prototypes of any type, according to the application sector. We range from the optical industry, ... »
Our parts are used to protect metal parts from wear and corrosion. For example, the lining of hoppers in the quarries or ... »
We deal with components such as shoes, pulleys, bushings to improve the sliding of large lifting vehicles, support platforms ... »
We have developed a series of applications of composite materials for some industries at the cutting-edge industries.
We can take care of components such as grippers, guides, etc, made with very high precision. The plastic materials used ... »

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