Machining plastic material, plastic products and processed plastic

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applications plastic and composite material


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manufatti in plasticalavorati in materiale plasticolavorazioni materiali plastici

Machining plastic and composite materials, plastic products and machined plastic products.

The Setecs Engineering srl is specialized in applications, machined plastic, composite, and plastic products, we are also exclusive distributors for Italy of flexible striped curtains for industrial doors.

Thanks to several and various applications field-tested, we are able to offer a technical-commercial support for the use and the machining of plastic materials according to their specific characteristics.

Our mission , is not to limit ourselves to the most simple applications, but to complete even the most complex projects that require special construction techniques.

This is our Company, a reliable and competent partner thanks to a skilled and available team, to more and more advanced machines and technologies that allow us to achieve a high standard of quality.

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