PTFE plates and sheets, semi-finished and PTFE machined and thermoplastic and composite material.

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applications plastic and composite material

Special sizes and formats

In addition to finding semi-standard sizes,

PTFE machined

and PTFE sheets, we can provide for you SPECIAL SIZES AND FORMATS through processes of extrusion, casting, pressing or by chip removal.
We carry out machining thermoplastic PTFE materials and composites.

  • POM-C - Ertacetal® - Delrin®
  • POM-H
  • POM + PTFE
  • POM + PE

Finished Products

We carry out the details in your design by machining with removal of the shavings. We are supported by 5/4/3 axis machining centers, automatic robotic rotating head lathes...

Lavorati in peek - Lastre in teflon PTFE - Prodotti in materiale composito


Increasingly present in high-tech sectors , thanks to the success of our products that make effective the application for which they were designed.

SetecsLab is a team of people within Setecs Engineering put together to achieve one goal: we carry out in-depth study of your issues and your projects in order to find the ideal solution for their implementation.

Flexible Striped Curtains

We are the exclusive distributor for Italy of flexible striped curtains for industrial doors. An excellent quality and very competitive product.

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